Tuesday, October 16, 2007

David Ciavarella's Final Machinima!

I had a lot of fun while it lasted and learned quite a bit, but opportunity and ambition have forced me to take interest in live action film. I feel it's time to move on, so this will be my final machinima project.

"The Hunt" is a machinima concerning the bounty-hunting Fubarius and his never-ending pursuit of the gnomish warlock Old Man Fives McGee. It's based off all the different Huntology videos I've done over the years (not the pvp videos), and it will encompass all of them while presenting viewers with a re-written and more solidified plot line suited for a standalone film.

I've done about 15 machinima films total, and I feel like every one of them has taught me something and helped brighten my future. I'd like to issue a special thanks to the community over the past three years, Warcraft Movies for helping me get my stuff out there for people to see, and fellow machinimists like Baron Soosdon for helping me out and answering any questions I may have had.

I strongly recommend checking out Baron's blog and, of course, his videos, which can be very abstract, adrenaline-fueled, and beautiful. His latest video "I'm So Sick" is the video that reminded me how much I love this art and convinced me to make one last film.

"The Hunt" is scheduled for public release sometime in the Spring of '08. It's a lot of work since it's a one-man show, but, in the end, that only makes it more gratifying.

- Dave


Steven R. Cambridge said...

HAHAHA! i remember when isaw huntology 5 on warcraftmovies... maybe a bit over the top but that made me watch 4 and got me hooked on thestoryline. glad your finally gonna finish it off. and old man mcgee is back too!

Khandy said...

This is wonderful, and terribly sad news. I will be on pins and needles waiting for you movie, but to know it will be your last is heart breaking.

You are one of the best machinimist I've come across, creating such an in depth storyline, beautiful compositions, dynamic characters and talented voice actors.

You will be dearly missed. But I hope more than anything, you have a change of heart. Machinimist like yourself only come along once in a blue moon.

kite952 said...

Hello. I was wondering where did you find the Night Elf music, or so I think it's night elf music, did you create it your self? If you did find it could you tell me where? I love Night Elf music for some reason, it just gets to me. Thanks you. Please send me an email at "Kite952@yahoo.com". Thank you.

P.S. I will have to agree with Khandy. A Machinimist like your self does come once in a blue moon. And I hope one day I can direct and make stuff just as good as you. Thank you for you inspiritaion and Night Elf music.

Venick said...

Where are your other machinima videos?

David Ciavarella said...


Yes the name of the track I used is "Rise of the Ancients" as far as night elf music goes. It was on my friends soundtrack CD he has from The Frozen Throne.


You can find all my videos at:


alenor said...

Hi i just saw the 1st trailer and i am sure that this will be a one of a kind machinima movie. By the way i got a question for you. Can you tell me where can i find (or which one is it) the song used on your trailer from 2:30 and on? Your work inspires us all keep it up!

Alle36 said...

Nice Movie idk realy where to see it but It looks realy cool i hookt the storyline, hope your making more.. Btw What armor is Fubarius using?

Daniel said...

Where can we find The Hunt complete Movie?

Daniel said...

Where can we find "The Hunt" in its full length form? I was tracking this before I had left for overseas and I never got to see it fully come out.