Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy New Years!

It's 2008 and work on "The Hunt" continues at a steady pace. I took a break from "The Hunt" (but not machinima) to help promote "The Hunt" by making a short music video to the Guns N' Roses song "Welcome to the Jungle". I threw a teaser for "The Hunt" ahead of it, so here's to hoping awareness of "The Hunt" is growing.

To see the teaser click here.

To see the music video "Welcome to the Jungle" click here.

Here are some visuals from the scene I've recently completed:

The scene concerns Fubarius meeting Cenarius the forest god, and Cenarius bestowing some much-needed knowledge upon the elf. The scene runs 11 minutes long, and will probably be split into 3-4 scenes throughout the movie's final act.

Hope you're all doing well!



Khandy said...

More pretty pictures! You need to show more of Miranda though. lol! :D

You know, something I was curious about, how did you get that black mask Fubarius is wearing? I found the item in model viewer, but its red.

HuntLord said...

Been almost a month since last update, we are getting desperate. :)

Atleast give us some information that the job is progressing! ;)

HuntLord said...

I'm bored so just checking if there were some updates, sadly not. :)

Max L. Söhr and Anton Lundqvist said...

Update with more dumpers please (:

aadilmorgan said...

when will the eps come out