Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Hunt is finished.

So I took a little time off. Eh. What're ya gonna' do?

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The new 2011 trailer is online. Enjoy!

Movie info:

The 2011 trailer for "The Hunt", a feature-length Warcraft movie. It's finally done! Watch it this summer!

Runtime: Approx. 1 Hour 7 Minutes

All the music in the trailer can be heard at

"The Hunt" tells the story of how two seemingly-unrelated paths, of a power-hungry bounty hunter (Fubarius Shadesong) and a weathered veteran of war (Bron Ragetotem), shall finally cross, as foreseen by the Earthmother herself.

Song 1: Man Meets Animal - "Enemy"
Song 2: Three to None - "Mountain of Mud"
Song 3: Three to None - "Deep Down"

Production on "The Hunt" began sometime in 2006. Now, nearly five-and-a-half years later, the tale must finally be told.


David Ciavarella as Fubarius, Jon, Du'Ram, Illidan, Cenarius, and more...
Brian Coupe as Old Man, General Solomon, and Bron,
Alicia Palmer as Miranda and Cindy,
and Michael Minotti as the Draenei Captain.

Directed and edited by David Ciavarella.


Martek said...

:D nice to see you back.

Bartek Ɓojewski said...

Jesus, that has been some time.

I've been checking up on you every few weeks.

Just now I literally went "WOW" out loud.

Urshulak said...

Damn guy, I have waited on this movie since 2008, and I thought you stopped working on this movie!
I am happy to see that you live and we can enjoy the movie this summer! :)

Szugarn said...

is this possible to buy / download song "Old Man by Lady Galaga" from anywhere?? Can't find it. Darn movie is so epic ;]